BAUNAT: The online brand disrupting the industry

Back in 2008, when savvy industry insiders Steven Boelens and Stefaan Mouradian founded their diamond jewellery brand BAUNAT, they ripped up the proverbial rule book in the process. Merging Antwerp’s age-old tradition of jewellery-making with the convenience of online shopping, the duo created an e-commerce site that is solely dedicated to diamond jewellery, resulting in a speedier, more efficient and more affordable way to buy exquisite jewels without compromising on quality. In doing so, they created the very first digital native diamond jewellery brand.
12 years later, BAUNAT specialises in 100% natural and conflict-free diamonds, with each stone carefully inspected to ensure its carat, clarity, colour, cut and radiance is of an exceptional standard. In the most sustainable way.

The fact that they combine traditional jewellery-making methods with innovative technology, became very clear with the launch of their latest line: The BAUNAT Iconic collection. The idea behind this collection was to take their clients wishes at heart.

They used customer feedback to create astonishing pieces with an exclusive BAUNAT setting. A unique design that stands out because of its finesse and details. The most eye-catching elements of The BAUNAT Iconic Collection are a low-placed chaton and 6 exceptionally slim split-prongs, designed in a way to catch and reflect the light perfectly.And except for their classic and design collections that come in 18kt yellow gold, white gold, red gold and platinum, the brand offers a tailor-made service for customers looking to create their dream jewels.

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Conducted by in-house goldsmiths and designers, the service allows clients to personalise their favourite design or diamond size to suit their taste and style. After a consultation with the sales team, their creation is visualised in 3D form before being produced by BAUNAT’s expert artisans in just a few weeks.

The secret to BAUNAT’s success, Mouradian says, stems from its digital-first approach. “The greatest luxury with buying diamond jewellery online is simply how fast it is,” he explains.

“Clients make their choice, fill in the details and place an order with the click of a mouse. Having a website requires a lot less upkeep compared to physical store, so clients can save up to 50% when buying diamonds online.”

By purchasing diamonds at the source, designing, manufacturing and delivering its own product and operating just a few select showrooms across the world, BAUNAT is able to offer exceptional quality diamond jewellery at a competitive price.

“Because we are digitally native and therefore agile, it was relatively easy for us to make adjustments when the pandemic broke out,” Boelens adds. “We started virtual appointments on Zoom, and this has proved to be very successful. We will maintain to offer this to our clients even in the future as it adds a personal, yet digital, touch, as well as enhancing our exceptional customer service.”

Discover BAUNAT’s e-boutique online.

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