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Jewellery Focus sits down with Graham Field from Rona Machines to hear more about the business and its plans for the business moving forward.

The company was formed in 1982 and is a family owned business, operating from a purpose-designed building based in Nazeing, Essex. Graham Field, who owns and runs Rona Machines, has nearly 40 years’ experience in supplying new and second hand engraving machines which he refurbishes to an exceptionally high standard.

Field is a trusted supplier of equipment both in the UK and internationally and has a wealth of technical knowledge. He explains that Rona Machines supply both computerised and manual engraving machines and have a large stock of machines available to choose from, adding the company offers a “complete technical back up” for all machines sold along with advice on how to achieve the most out of the machine. Field reveals that since the sad demise of Mastergrave Ltd toward the end of 2020, Roland DG has appointed Rona Machines to supply the engraving sector of their market. Rona will be stocking both the Metaza MPX-95 and the ever versatile DE-3.

“The Metaza MPX-95 is the perfect machine for gift personalisation. The photo impact printer is a cost-effective, easy-to-operate metal engraving machine that anyone can use to mark gold, steel, silver, titanium, brass and aluminium. Currently there is a special offer that is available from Rona on the purchase of the Metaza MPX-95 which is the inclusion of a free STIKA SV-12 vinyl cutter until March,” Field adds.

He also goes on to explain that the DE-3 desktop engraver is the result of “over 30 years of innovation in engraving technology, delivering impressive versatility and fast, user-friendly automated production”.
It features laser-pointing technology, USB connectivity, automatic depth regulation and other intelligent features.

The DE-3 is the ideal turnkey engraving solution for producing precise text and graphics onto a huge range of materials and objects.

There is also a special offer that is available from Rona on the purchase of the DE-3 which is the inclusion of a free STIKA SV-15 vinyl cutter machine worth nearly £700 until the 31 March.

Field says: “the personalisation of jewellery has always been a fundamental part of the jewellery industry” and that Rona Machine’s range of engraving machines opens up “endless personalisation possibilities”, from engraved text, logos, pictures, symbols to personal photographs.

“The detail and precision that are vital to jewellery engraving can be achieved on bracelets, rings, watches, pendants and other items and transformed into bespoke personal gifts, with a finish that will delight your customers.”

He also claims the Roland portfolio of bench top in-store machines enables you to offer a while-u-wait personalisation option that has shown to facilitate the increase of sales by creating a more positive shopping experience for the customer.

“We are able to offer jewellers a machine they can trust, enabling the fast and efficient quality engraving that is designed to last. The ability to engrave in-house with ease, no longer needing to subcontract the engraving, quickly saving time and money,” says Field.

For companies that would prefer to have a used and refurbished engraving machine, Rona Machines regularly updates its range with new stock, please check the website for more details.

For more information contact Graham Field at Rona Machines T: 01992 899255 E: sales@ronamachines.co.uk W: www.ronamachines.co.uk

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