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Deakin and Francis release ‘fun’ dancing monkey cufflinks

British designers and manufacturers Deakin and Francis have released a collection of dancing monkey cufflinks based on the company’s different team members.

The are five pairs of monkeys in the range, and each pair has its own characteristics.

Henry – based on the company’s managing director, these monkeys are described as “a determined and driven pair of monkeys. With a bold and daring stance, they are not afraid to take a few leaps!”

James – based on the firm’s creative director, is “lively and playful they are often seen out and about exploring the wilderness. And, brimming with ideas, they are sure to keep you on your toes!”

Tom – the sales director, is “sociable and always on the move. Energetic in nature, their legs are posed ready to dance from one appointment to the next!”

Chris – the financial director, is a “little more reserved in nature” and “relaxed”, they are always “deep in thought.”

Steve – based on the sales director, is “friendly and approachable”, “bubbly and buoyant” and have a “mischievous spring in their step – perfect for livening up any attire!”

Deakin, the creative director, said: “If anyone knows Deakin and Francis, they will know we try not to take ourselves too seriously – and what better way of doing so than creating a whole collection of monkeys based on our very own team! Tongue in cheek of course, we wanted a collection of designs that would put a smile on the wearers face – a cheeky glimpse of a personality.

Each pose is slightly different, but will look perfect hanging from a shirt cuff this summer. And of course, we are all backing our own design – so the ‘James’ pair is by far my favourite!”

The cufflinks are handcrafted in Sterling silver with domed oval spring link fittings and the brand’s hallmarks. Its trade price is £90 and rrp is £220.


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