Domino retailers opt for a colourful Christmas

Domino Jewellery has reported strong sales for right-hand rings incorporating fashionable coloured stones and creative alloy options.

Marketing co-ordinator Chantelle Serrell-Cooke says the brand has seen its retailers become “more adventurous” with the alloy combination selections, choosing a mixture of white and coloured metal.

Many are also opting to purchase two part mounts from Domino’s Diamond Ring Mount collection.

Serrell-Cooke believes that the rise in popularity for coloured alloys and stones is all a part of the on-going trend for personalisation and says that the DRM Collection is ideally placed to give the end consumer many different creative options and the opportunity to ring the changes.

Pieces are available in platinum or 18 carat white, yellow and rose gold, with a large proportion of the offering being two part mounts. Available either as unset mounts or fully set with the retailer’s choice of GVS or HSi diamonds. Alternatively, retailers can supply their own stones for setting or have stones sourced for them by the company’s ‘Jewellery Bureau’ team.

Serrell-Cooke said: “All our DRM designs look fabulous in white metal and diamonds but they take on a completely new look when set with coloured stones or featuring coloured metal accents.

“Lifestyle rings are not only a fabulous gift idea, but also very popular for self-purchasing. Right hand rings give consumers the chance to choose a piece that truly reflects their personality. Our creative designs will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any retailers’ window not just for Christmas but at any time of the year.”

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