Investment boosts online sales for Buckley London

The fashion jewellery brand reported a 29% increase in online sales

Fashion jewellery brand Buckley London has announced that it increased its online sales by 29% compared to the previous year.

It attributed this growth to investment in the ‘customer journey’ over the last 12 months, saying it has implemented a host of improvements in 2017 to further enhance the shopping experience and provide consumer confidence in a busy market.

The improvements included regular reviews of the website, which allowed Buckley London to optimise navigation, and the implementation of new sub-categories such as ‘Gifts for Mum’ and ‘Gifts under £25’.

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Adding an ‘abandoned basket’ feature also helped recover lost sales and solve queries from customers who were having issues when browsing the website. Additionally analysing customer buying patterns allowed accurate stock forecasting, reviewing average spend and ensuring competitive pricing.

Through a ‘Tell us more about you’ feature, Buckley London said it has built a more detailed email database to help target customers with more relevant promotions for them. Personalised email campaigns such as exclusive offers sent to customers for their birthday month reportedly resulted in highly improved open rates and a click-through rate of 65%.

Nina Jaynes, head of marketing at Buckley London, said: “We are immensely proud of the rapid growth and development of our online platform. We are a small team compared to most of our competitors yet have a large product range and rapidly growing online business.

“We therefore constantly look for new efficiencies and invest in research and new technologies to ensure we are able to stay competitive in a fast-paced market. Our customer feedback rating is a testament to the exceptional level of service Buckley London consistently provide, are we are excited for the new opportunities for growth that 2018 will bring.”


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