Five carat fancy pink diamond could fetch £800,000 at auction

Only one in 10,000 gem quality diamonds produced in the world are pink, with the majority falling under 2ct in size

An exceedingly rare fine fancy pink diamond weighing 5.03ct will headline Bonhams London Fine Jewellery sale on 26 September.

The diamond, which has VS1 clarity, is estimated worth between £600,000-800,000. According to Bonhams unlike all other coloured diamonds, the gem’s colour is caused not by trace elements in their chemical composition but by a “lucky miracle of nature”, a distortion within their atomic lattice caused by the pressure exerted on them during their formation.

Emily Barber, director of jewellery at Bonhams UK, said: “This pink diamond, offered at auction for the first time, possesses an exceptional combination of characteristics. It is extremely unusual to find a pure pink diamond, of even saturation, with no secondary component colours, weighing over 5.00 carats.

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“This diamond’s significant size and elegant, unmodified square cut, coupled with its high clarity grade distinguishes it further. It is of extraordinary beauty.”

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