Picchiotti reveals new Xpandable Collection

Founded 52 years ago, Picchiotti is today Italy’s preeminent fine jeweler and one of the most respected names in the world of fine jewelry.

To reach that pinnacle means, by definition, to innovate – to merge designers, the new technology and precision, and old-world craftsmanship with its skills and artisans.

Giuseppe Picchiotti, founder and president of the company, said: “One of the aspects of my business that I would like to keep forever is the special artisanship that is passed on through the education of the next generation”.

He added: “Fine artisans who train with experienced masters, that are capable to pass their knowledge to their pupils, will be the best qualified. Of course, a natural talent and the passion for what one does are also very important.”

Picchiotti is always on the hunt for young talents to educate and teach the skills of fine-jewellery making, and bring into his atelier where he personally supervises the work of the talented and highly trained goldsmiths, model-makers, stone-setters, polishers and designers.

This meticulous knowledge and know-how merged with modern technology and precision, have been instrumental in the creation of an innovative and revolutionary jewelry line: The Xpandable Collection from Picchiotti – exquisite fine jewelry with an entrancing look and an original design.

The Xpandable designs incorporate innovative technology that, ingeniously and invisibly, solves a myriad of fit and comfort challenges allowing rings and bracelets to expand and contract with ease, for comfortable, durable wear.

A vast array of bands, rings and bangles smoothly fits all fingers and wrists, thanks to a ground-breaking hidden mechanism. The collection has been manufactured with the utmost care and the highest standards of perfection to give the wearer many years of enjoyment. Heirloom jewels that fit for generations.

Discover the Xpandable Collection at: http://www.picchiotti.it/ENG/collection/XPANDABLE_Collection.html

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