Frost of London to make ‘world’s most expensive’ t-shirt 

Frost of London has reportedly been commissioned to produce the “world’s most expensive t-shirt”, following a surge of publicity gained through Andy Ruiz Jr’s infamous boxing match.

During the Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua rematch that occurred in Saudi Arabia last month, Frost of London was revealed as corporate sponsors for Ruiz and his team.

The boxer was seen wearing a t-shirt and shorts encrusted with swarovski crystals, and bearing the diamond-shaped logo of Frost of London.

The jeweller said they were “delighted” to sponsor the sporting star, and revealed that a member of Saudi Royalty has now commissioned a ‘D Flawless diamond’ t-shirt to be produced following the match.

It said that the clothing article is expected to be commissioned for a price in the realm of £500,000.

Frost of London is situated on Brook Street, London, and is set across six separate floors. 

The jeweller said it “reflects the epitome of luxury housing, fine jewellery and luxury watches”.

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