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1/3 of Brits would gift second-hand jewellery for Christmas, survey reveals

Some 43% of Brits would “gladly” give a pre-owned gift for Christmas, according to a study by experts in pre-owned luxury jewellers, William May. 

The study found that one in eight of the 3,000 Brits surveyed admitted they get more satisfaction from purchasing second-hand items than brand new.

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The survey also found that almost half (44%) say they would be happy to receive a pre-owned gift, as 52% of respondents said that if they were giving a pre-owned gift, they would be upfront about it and tell the receiver it is second-hand.

When asked which items are the most acceptable to buy second-hand gifts, 37% of people said jewellery, 18% said toys, 18% said games, 14% said home items, 9% said art and 4% said clothes.

The research also found that 39% of people say that the current economic climate would make them more likely to give a pre-owned gift this Christmas to save money. More than one in 10 (15%) even plan on making their own Christmas gifts this year and promisingly, over one third (38%) enjoy receiving these over shop-bought products.

Respondents were also asked what the main reason would be that they bought pre-owned gifts, and more than half (54%) said to save money, 31% said it would be to help charities, 12% said for environmental reasons and 2% say they prefer older things.

Nick Withington, spokesperson for William May said: “As consumers, we have a responsibility to be more mindful with what we choose to spend our money on.

“Thrifting, charity shopping and purchasing pre-loved items is the perfect way to save some pennies and the environment whilst we’re at it. Pre-owned gifts such as antique jewellery is one-of-a-kind and perfect for spoiling your loved ones this holiday season.”

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