EC One launches men’s engagement rings

EC One announced it has created a new engagement ring for men, entitled the ‘Marry Me Men’s Engagement Ring’.

The ring has been launched in the run up to Bachelor’s Day, an Irish tradition whereby women propose to their partner on Leap Day.

The ring is available in a choice of 9ct, 14ct or 18ct recycled gold, and features an organic faceted texture on top. Underneath every ring is a hidden engraving that reads “Marry Me?”. 

The ring is made to order at EC One’s in-house workshop, and is available in white gold, yellow gold, red gold and platinum from £945.

Founder of EC One, Jos Skeates, said: “After 23 years in business, we’ve made many rings for women to propose to their partner and not just during a leap year. 

“We’ve come to know what men want from their jewellery and it’s often something simple with a twist – a mix of colours such as platinum and white gold or using a small stone in a discreet way are often popular.” 

He added: “Off the back of this experience we’ve created the Marry Me Men’s Engagement Ring which we believe suits the style and needs of today’s modern men and would be perfect for anyone proposing to the man in their life this year.”

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