Is gold jewellery coming back in style in 2020

Not all that glistens is gold, but when it comes to the jewellery industry, gold pieces have cemented its lifetime mark in the fashion landscape. Jewellery is a transformative accessory that can elevate any outfit or style – be it to add a bold touch to minimalistic ensembles or support a look no matter the occasion.

Jewellery trends come and go quicker than fast fashion as radical designs dominate the new list of statement pieces, but there are metals that never die. Gold is part of the timeless collection that provides an unequivocal ability to enhance any look.

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Conversely, 2020 is looking at a shift in design as gold jewellery is introducing new ideas to add a twist of modernity to its classic impression.


Trending #1: Brighten Up Your Look with Yellow Gold This 2020

Yellow gold is a perennial favourite around the world as it exudes a sense of understated elegance and sophistication to any ensemble. Not to mention, it’s the most hypoallergenic of all types of gold, which is why it is often the go-to choice for women or men struggling with sensitivities to certain metals.

Yellow gold is also an excellent addition for those with darker skin tones as it complements olive colours. As for minimalistic outfits, yellow gold jewellery doesn’t fail to add a pop of luxury no matter the piece – be it simple gold studs or a statement necklace.

As for the material itself, yellow gold is made up of pure gold mixed with other metal alloys like copper and zinc. The latter is what gives the yellow gold its distinct, bright colour.

Trending #2: Add A Soft Touch to Your Outfit with Rose Gold This 2020

Rose gold took the jewellery industry by storm for years as the blooming metal doesn’t come short in its romantic approach. It’s a modern piece that adds a lustrous and feminine appeal to any style – be it in grunge looks, casual outfits, or formal-wear.

Think of it as Pantone’s version of the colour of the year, though its universal support is not without merit as the metal is one of the few that can compliment all skin tones. Digging deeper into its components, rose gold is not one to cause any allergic reactions as it is not a hypoallergenic metal.

Made from silver and copper alloys, rose gold is also a popular choice for crafters around the world due to the metal’s impressive malleability. This allows makers to produce rose gold jewellery that varies in style.

Trending #3: Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Ensemble with White Gold This 2020

White gold is made from a striking mixture of pure gold and white metals like nickel, palladium, silver, and rhodium plating. The colour is rising in popularity as it enhances outfits by giving it an elegant makeover for any occasion, though it’s a match made in heaven with other diamond pieces in one’s collection.

Wrapping Up

No matter the type of gold, most prove itself to be a timeless accessory that can stand the test of time. Even as an heirloom piece, you can expect gold jewellery to give your ensemble a powerful and stylish uplift – be it through white, yellow, or rose gold accents.

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