Bira releases ‘life after lockdown’ strategy

The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) has released its 10-point “life after lockdown” strategy, calling on the government to consider lifting restrictions on smaller retailers first.

In an open letter, CEO Andrew Goodacre’s survival plan encourages retailers to consider sustainable retail, customer focused experiences and multi-channel sales to survive post lockdown.

Goodacre also stated that the retail industry would require government support and has urged retailers to adapt to keep staff and customers safe.

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He said: “It’s not all about waiting for government intervention, as retailers themselves must take control of their own destiny.”

However, he warned: “Unfortunately, there are some businesses that won’t survive. Retail was changing in any case. Covid-19 has bought together communities and, as I have said, I believe the independent retailer is the heart of every good high street. 

“With a bit of luck and a lot of the creative, entrepreneurial flair that has always been part of successful retailing, I am confident that the ‘indie’ will continue to serve its consumer.”

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