NAJ releases online courses for jewellery industry

The National Association of Jewellers has published two training courses to help retailers, manufacturers and suppliers within the industry demonstrate compliance with its issued guidance.

The two courses include one course for retailers and one for course suppliers. Both have been produced using the association’s four-step ‘people first’ Covid-19 guidance, which continues to be updated in line with government advice.

The guidance in question consists of four sections, including Start Safe, Store Safe, Task Safe and Home Safe. 

Start Safe provides essential information for employees and guidance on travelling to stores, while Store Safe builds on the ‘normal’ requirements for health, safety and environment.

Task Safe assesses tasks against social distancing regulations and Home Safe guides jewellers on how to leave their store safely.

The courses will enable business owners and managers to secure jeweller-specific coronavirus awareness for both themselves and their employees. 

It is designed to help them “feel confident” about their return to work, understand how they can protect themselves, their co-workers and customers from catching and spreading the virus.

Upon completion, they can also demonstrate assurance to customers by displaying the completion certificates in their store or workshop.

Members of the association can enrol “as many employees as they see fit”, whilst non-members will be charged £100. 

Marie Garnett, head of education at the NAJ said: “We’ve moved as quick as we can to pull this course together in order to help jewellers be aware and be as safe as possible with many employees returning back to work in the coming weeks, some of whom have been on furlough since the end of March.

“It is important to note that with significant updates to the NAJ core guidance, we will be updating the online courses for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in parallel.”

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