Bybiehl launches first 100% recycled silver-and gold collection

Jewellery brand Bybiehl has announced the launch of its first collection in 100% recycled silver-and gold.

The new collection consists of designs in the Jungle Ivy and Wave collection. The Jungle Ivy collection is inspired by wildlife and the environment.

Moving forward all future collections will be produced in gold and silver that existed before the designs of Charlotte Biehl. 

Founder Charlotte Biehl said: “Nowadays all accessible gold is extracted. What is left is the gold that requires massive resources and way too much chemistry. Therefore, the only right thing is to recycle the gold and silver that already exists. It’s just as real as new gold.”

According to the company the mining industry is said to be “one of the most polluting in the world”. 

To melt recycled gold and silver is also a demanding process, but Bybiehl said it can more easily be controlled. The manufacturer of Bybiehl is a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, RJC.

Biehl added: “I am not holy, but I would like to be reasonable. And this shift marks sense. Gold and silver are valuable and should be treated with consideration. This is also why all my designs are personal. [Jewellery] with a message is [typically] one you will be happy about for a longer period. Ideally for the rest of [your] life.”

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