Say it with Diamonds sales surge amid lockdown

High-street jeweller Say it with Diamonds has reported a 267% sales uplift on engagement rings amid the nationwide lockdown.

The surge in sales during March and April marked a notable difference from the amount of engagement rings sold in the same period the year prior.

Over the same two-month period, the sale of bespoke and engraved gifts more than doubled against last year, which the jeweller said “proved that shoppers are going that extra mile to treat their loved ones”.

At the beginning of lockdown, Say it With Diamonds launched an “around-the-clock” consultation service to ensure that bespoke consultations could continue to take place through WhatsApp and video calls. 

During these consultations, the group reported that many customers asked for advice on how to “plan the perfect at-home proposal”. In light of this, the group shared a five-step guide, ‘the ZEN-gagement lockdown guide’, aimed to “help ease proposal nerves”. 

Charlotte Donoghue, company director at Say it with Diamonds, said: “Everyone has been taking this time to re-evaluate life and reflect on the things that are most important. 

“We’ve all had to slow down, open up more emotionally, and be reminded of how much it is the people in our lives who matter.”

She added: “With overly public proposals being a ‘worst nightmare’ for many, it’s clear that an intimate behind closed doors approach is a popular one and has been making the moment even more memorable.”

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