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Cast launches jewellery-making kit

Casting start-up Cast has launched a new kit that enables customers to design their own rings “from the comfort of their home”. 

Customers can now use its bespoke jewellery making kit to carve and create  personalised and bespoke jewellery pieces in wax. 

The group will then cast the pieces and return them to customers in solid sterling silver. 

Guest waxes are built onto a wax tree, placed inside a canister, covered in heat-resistant plaster and then placed into the kiln. When inside the kiln, the wax burns away, leaving an exact cavity in the plaster mould behind.

The molten metal is poured into the canister to fill the cavities left behind by the waxes. The process captures every detail of the wax, which is picked up in metal when cast. 

When cooled, the plaster coating is removed, which in turn reveals a solid version of the wax mould. Each piece then goes through a meticulous hand finishing process, before it is returned to you.

Cast launched in 2016, and has since cast over 8,000 customer creations. 

In a statement, Cast said:  “It was founded to breathe new life into the ancient art of lost wax casting. 

“The start-up has reimagined the creative journey, giving guests and kit owners across the globe the freedom to craft beautiful jewellery, in some of the world’s most exciting spaces, and now, in the comfort of their own homes.”

It added: “When we first launched the business/hosted events, customers would regularly ask to take home the tools, so that they could continue to create from home. We only had a limited number of tools at the time, so we couldn’t really make it happen.

“We did however, quickly recognise the potential demand, threw some designs together, worked tirelessly on the logistical side, and the rest is history.”

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