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Nour By Jahan launches

Nour Jahan has announced the launch of her high-end fine jewellery brand Nour By Jahan has launched.

For over 170 years, Jahan Genève has showcased its expertise, craft and designs, in offering one-of-a-kind jewels for its elite clientele. Nour Jahan joins the family legacy as the eighth generation of jewellers from the Jahan dynasty to launch her own line Nour By Jahan.  

Nour’s designs marry exquisite gemstones with effortless elegance and femininity, showcasing five main collections Nour By Jahan, her signature collection, Dancing Diamonds, Play, Kiss and Jolie. 

Each collection unites passion with precision and perseverance, to create statement pieces that will be passed down and treasured for generations. 

All the five collections are created with diamonds and rare precious stones, set in white, yellow or pink gold. 

Created on the same level of quality and swiss craftsmanship as Jahan Genève, Nour by Jahan offers a collection of wearable pieces for everyday diamonds.

She said: “I am a believer that like every woman, every diamond and gemstone has a magical inner light. With a confident hand and the finest of expertise, every cut and polish brings forth the gemstones inner beauty and accentuates its unique radiance throughout my designs.”

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