Lark and Berry releases new podcast episode

Lark and Berry has announced the release of its latest podcast episode, which looks to “dive deeper” into the controversies around mining and growing diamonds.

The Diamond Disruptor podcast has been produced by the brand since 2019, and the podcast has now debuted part two of its ‘Controversy’ series.

Its latest episode reportedly examines the environmental findings of mining vs growing diamonds, and welcomes guest Dr. Saleem H. Ali.

In the episode, producer Clark Watts examines the contested DPA report paid for by the mined diamond industry. The report in question “controversially” states that diamond mining is better for the planet than lab-grown diamonds. 

The latest episode will discuss these findings with Dr. Saleem H. Ali, the blue and gold distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment at the University of Delaware.

The episode can be accessed free-of-charge through Apple podcasts, Spotify, Soundlcoud and more.

Since its debut in July 2019, The Diamond Disruptor has taken a continuing look at cultured diamonds as a sustainable option in luxury jewellery. 

It is aimed towards both industry novices and experts, and features interviews with jewellery brand leaders, analysts, scientists and more, as well as guests from other marketplaces who are involved with sustainable interests.

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