Auree launches earrings in aid of Little Village

British jewellery brand Auree has launched a new hoop earring in aid of charity. 

Its Rowfant Rainbow Charity Hoop earrings will support the charity Little Village, a baby bank based in London which offers clothes to toys for children up to the age of five. The charity also provides a safe place for families to sleep in South West London.

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All profits from the earrings are being donated to the charity, supporting the “vital work to keep children warm, clothed and entertained”. 

The new earrings’ rainbow design “symbolises hope and solidarity, which is what Little Village is all about – one family’s gift to another”. 

In addition, Auree said that the colourful design is representative of childrens’ “bright and joyful approach to life”.

Auree said: “Their mission is a simple one: to ensure that no child should grow up without these essentials. 

“Little Village’s dream is that children are warm, clothed and entertained, with a safe place to sleep and a means of getting out of the house. 

It added: “Despite being one of the wealthiest cities in the world, child poverty is rising for the first time in 20 years, and is at its highest in inner London. 

“This year, times are harder than ever. During the run up to Christmas, Auree has committed to donate 100% of profits from the new ‘Rowfant Rainbow’ hoop earrings to the charity.”

Founder Amelia Bainbridge, who volunteers at the charity, added: “Poverty in London is at a record high. The troubling reality of the pandemic is that Little Village are on track to support over double the number of children to last year. 

“This needs addressing urgently. These children are living without essentials, they are going hungry and are likely to suffer long-term consequences as a result of Covid. It is unbearable and no child deserves this.”

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