Hatton and Spencer launches travel case range

Jewellery packaging supplier Hatton and Spencer has introduced a new range of jewellery travel cases that are tailored to UK jewellers. 

The Keepsafe range is one of the first travel case collections to be offered by a UK packaging provider, according to the group.

The collection features a variety of options to “suit different brands and budgets”.

Order sizes start from 10 pieces, and jewellers can choose from more than 50 different colour, size and shape combinations.

Each case comes fitted with storage compartments to accommodate all jewellery types, from small rings to large necklaces.

In addition, jewellers will be able to order their cases with or without custom foil printing, and the full range will be available as whitelabelled goods for resale as a practical in-store product, gift or add-on accessory.

Cathie Osborne, managing director of Hatton and Spencer, said: “Keepsafe is a fantastic add-on sale opportunity or gift for your customers, to really add value and build loyalty towards your brand. 

“If upselling is done correctly, it can be a great way to surprise and delight customers, while giving a boost to your bottom line by increasing their spend on each purchase.” 

She added: “With a personal touch remaining an integral part of modern consumer experience, it’s key for brands to go above and beyond with their offerings.”

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