Laings launches autumn campaign

Laings has announced the launch of its 2020 autumn campaign across UK stores and online. 

The latest campaign is “filled with the luxurious feel of the autumn months”, according to the retailer. 

The group added that the new campaign, which highlights diamond jewellery as well as complementing wristwatches, explores the “emotional weight of precious pieces as enduring forms of personal expression”.

Laings said: “This year, more so then ever, we’ve found ourselves cherishing the time that we spend with our loved ones, enjoying special moments and marking milestones together. 

“Laings jewellery often commemorates these memories, given as gifts to recognise achievements, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, or as simple tokens of love.”

Sally Alobaidi, head of marketing at Laings, commented: “We wanted to show the joy of jewellery and the beautiful moments and relationships that it represents. Our precious pieces always tell a story, reminding us of treasured memories and loved ones.

“At Laings, we understand that customers visit us looking for something important that will carry sentimental meaning.” 

She added: ‘Our autumn campaign is filled with the promise that the turn of the season holds and the magical moments that may be to come. 

“Whether it’s a family get together to mark a special occasion or a romantic walk in the park that is transformed into a moment to remember, the glittering pieces from Laings mark these instances and emotions.”

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