NAJ urges members to check furlough claim inaccuracies

The National Association of Jewellers is urging its members to check for furlough claim inaccuracies through the government’s Better Business Tax support service, due to businesses receiving a letter from HMRC.

HMRC’s warning notified businesses of potential errors in the furlough scheme and reminded them the importance of claims being 100% accurate.

Businesses that used the scheme have until 20 October to submit re-declarations of their claims.

Steve Charles, head of Business Partnerships at Quest said: ‘‘It’s important NAJ members retain information on calculations and any correspondence with employees regarding the furlough scheme, and ultimately check that the claim(s) that has been put forward is correct.


‘‘For many in the jewellery industry, we’ve heard how this scheme has been pivotal for businesses to continue operating, so if members are unsure it’s always best to enlist the support of a professional or access us through the Better Business Support Service Tax hotline we provide to NAJ Members.’’

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