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Poll launched for new Platinum Jubilee marks

The Four UK Assay Offices have published two marks to commemorate the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

The offices are now asking NAJ members and their customers their opinion on the two separate designs.

The two Platinum Jubilee marks have been created by the British Hallmarking Council (BHC), made up of the four UK Assay Offices, and NAJ members are now invited to express their opinion on the marks, as well run polls with customers and report back to the Council on its findings.

The first of the two marks, or Option A, is an orb with lettering. According to the BHC, it “looks good” when a small mark, i.e. 0.75mm and above. 

It added that it was a different design concept than previous royal commemorative marks, and was distinguished from the platinum traditional mark as there is no shield. In addition, its lettering “makes it clear what occasion is being celebrated”. 

Option B, or the Queen’s head, is reportedly “consistent with previous royal commemorative marks but distinguished because the Queen is pointing the other way”. However, its detail is lost on small marks.  

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