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Lark & Berry launches ‘Clean Cool Cultured’ collection

Lark and Berry has launched a new ‘Clean Cool Cultured’ jewellery range, which features pieces that are made with 14 karat yellow gold and reportedly encompass the brand’s ethos.

The range is reportedly a combination of “clean diamonds” which are environmentally friendly, and hold the same quality as its mined counterpart, as well as cultured diamonds, which have been created with lab-grown technology.

The group said it uses cultured diamonds “exclusively”, which means there is no mining and no risk of human conflict involved. In addition, the jewellery reportedly utilises a minimum of 80% recycled metal, with five trees planted every time an item is sold.

The jeweller added that it is also actively trying to offset its carbon footprint via its shipping partnership with EcoCart.

Lark and Berry was founded by Laura Chavez in 2018 and aims to be the first fine jewellery brand in the world to use only cultured diamonds and stones.

The company said its mission was to not only offer sustainable and ethical products, but also to offer design-focused collections ranging from everyday luxury wear, to bespoke pieces and engagement rings, to red carpet “showstoppers”.

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