Harriet Kelsall certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council

harriet-kelsallwebThe Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) has announced that UK bespoke jeweller Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design Ltd, has achieved certification by “meeting

 the ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards as established by the RJC’s Member Certification System.” 


“Earlier this year we became one of the first 20 jewellers in the UK to be able to work in Fairtrade gold and we are noticing a rise in customers who are requesting their jewellery to be made from ethical and sustainable materials. The Responsible Jewellery Council’s member certification system is an excellent initiative of which we are proud to be a part and we would strongly urge other organisations in the jewellery industry to strive to achieve RJC certification,” said Harriet Kelsall, managing director of Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design Ltd.

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