Trollbeads acquires UK distributor Fable Trading

Trollbeads has acquired a majority stake in its UK distributor, Fable Trading.

Fable Trading Ltd was established in 2005 as sole distributor for Trollbeads, the original Danish charm bead jewellery brand, for the UK and Ireland markets. Founding directors of Fable Trading, Sarah and Richard Morfoot, will maintain an interest in the business, which will become a subsidiary of Trollbeads and renamed Trollbeads UK Ltd.

The acquisition does not entail changes to daily operations or the organisation of the acquired company, which will maintain its head office in Bristol. However, a new Trollbeads flagship store was opened today  on the main shopping street in Copenhagen.

Trollbeads CEO, Jan Stig Andersen, said: “The UK is a very important market for Trollbeads and the second largest jewellery market overall in Europe. The acquisition of Fable Trading Ltd establishes an even stronger platform for our business and allows us to develop Trollbeads’ major potential in the UK market through closer proximity to our customers.”


Since Trollbeads first began marketing its jewellery outside of Denmark in the early 2000’s, the company has expanded its distribution to include more than 35 countries. In most countries distribution is handled by independent local distributors, with the exception of the US and Scandinavia, where distribution is handled by subsidiaries of Trollbeads.



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