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Gemfields partners with Mary Fisher to create ‘100 Good Deeds bracelet’

Gemfields, the coloured gemstone provider, yesterday announced the launch of its 100 Good Deeds Bracelet, scheduled to coincide with World AIDS day. 

Designed in collaboration with activist and designer Mary Fisher, and promoted in an advertising campaign featuring Mila Kunis, the bracelet is handcrafted by women in Zambia and features 100 ethically mined Gemfields Zambian amethyst beads, fine braided nylon cord, gold plated button and a single rubber counter.

Each time a ‘good deed’ is performed anonymously, the rubber counter can be moved one bead closer toward the ‘1GD’ button until 100 Good Deeds are completed.

Fisher said: “The motivation behind the 100 Good Deeds collection is to inspire simple acts of kindness around the world. Each bracelet is a reminder to spread positive change through action and fulfil our mission to ‘Do Good, One Deed, One Bead, One Act of Kindness at a Time’.

Ian Harebottle, CEO of Gemfields, said: “The 100 Good Deeds bracelet is an inspiring and impressive project, not only because it supports so many vulnerable women all around the world through the making of these colourful bracelets, but the scope and scale of the movement is so exciting.

“And we are, of course, thrilled to see our Zambian amethyst used in such a way. It is impossible not to be proud of such a project.”

The entire proceeds of the bracelets will be donated to the Abataka Foundation, a non-profit organisation that provides economic and educational opportunities otherwise unavailable to women and girls across the globe.

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