BJA Fairtrade ‘I Do’ competition winner announced

Jessica Mead, design assistant at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery has won the BJA Fairtrade ‘I Do’ competition.

UK designers were asked to draw up a matching wedding and engagement ring set in Fairtrade gold featuring a 50pt round brilliant-cut lab certified diamond and up to ½ a carat of small stones gifted by the award-winning Birmingham diamond dealer, Clark Diamonds.

The winning designer arrived in Birmingham to start to working closely with the manufacturer Hockley Mint to fabricate the rings in Fairtrade gold which will be gifted by the company. Gary Wroe, MD of Hockley Mint said: “It is great to see young designers entering competitions and we are very pleased to make these rings by transforming Jessica’s unique hand-drawn design into CAD and cast in 18ct Fairtrade gold; a service Birmingham manufacturing jewellers Hockley Mint provide for designer makers.”

Mead, visiting the BJA offices in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, said: “I entered as I have a real passion for Fairtrade Gold and traceability, something that all of us at Harriet Kelsall feel very passionate about. I feel so privileged to have won this competition within the competitive jewellery industry.”

She added: “The modern bride loves intricate and delicate designs, meaningful gestures of romance and love. They are acutely aware of the current trends and styles. Wearing beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewellery brings them great pleasure.  The modern bride is socially and environmentally aware, and cares about sourcing Fairtrade products, taking pride and enjoyment from caring and helping others.

“This Fairtrade bridal set was designed to firstly symbolise the union of two people and the pass of them both, intertwining and becoming one whole. Subtly complementing each other, either ring can be worn on its own, but becomes complete when worn together.

“The open braided detail along the band not only represents the joining paths of the wearer but also represents the open nature of the Fairtrade organisation and the knotting detail reflects the unity and importance of the miners, suppliers and jewellers creating a structure of support (which holds the diamonds).”

Victoria Waugh, Fairtrade global business development manager on gold, said: “We couldn’t be happier that Jessica Mead has won the competition. Her passion to work with gold from disadvantaged mining communities and understanding of the need for Fairtrade gold is inspirational. The pioneering jewellers choosing to support our I Do campaign are paving the way for change in the jewellery industry, whilst creating a better life for artisanal gold miners and their families.”


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