Fairtrade Gold launches in the US

Reflective Images Jewelry has been named as the first Certified Fairtrade Gold American jeweller by Fairtrade International, following the foundation’s launch in the US.

The company worked as the US commercial liaison with Fairtrade International to launch the certification programme while also introducing its own traceable and transparent sourcing practices in precious metal and gems.

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The move is thought to be significant as Fairtrade is becoming increasingly internationally recognised, following its launch into Switzerland in October last year – where approximately 70% of all gold refining takes place.

Harriet Lamb, CEO of Fairtrade International, said: “Reflective Images Jewelry has shown great leadership in becoming the first jeweller using Fairtrade gold in the USA. This move in the world’s largest jewellery market has the potential to send ripple effects across the globe.

“Americans buying that special piece of jewellery can now help make a change in the lives of artisanal and small-scale miners. These miners urgently need improved terms of trade and we congratulate Reflective Images Jewelry on setting the pace for the industry in the way jewellery is sourced.”

Marc Choyt, president of Reflective Images Jewelry, said Fairtrade gold “greatly enhances the value” of his company’s custom handmade jewellery and bridal lines to its customers through the “relationships it creates”.

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