Taking Stock

Johnson-Baker & Co

Johnson-Baker & Co, now in its 80th, year continues to supply jewellers and allied industries with all packaging and display requirements. The company is able to deliver boxes named with a customer logo within 24 hours from its Shaftesbury factory. 

As well as holding stock of hundreds and thousands of items, the company also specialises in bespoke runs of specially made packaging. This, with the highest quality control as standard, includes coordinated named ribbon, bags and wrapping papers. To respond to jewellers demands, over time Johnson-Baker has invested in what it said is the best customer service and is able to produce both small and large orders. The company has a selection of several hundred different external covering materials with a variety of colours, textures and types; also for the interior of the case. Real leather, though not the cheapest material, is still in demand for packaging more expensive jewellery, claims Johnson-Baker.

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