Thieves steal £14,000 from Suffolk pawnbrokers after chiselling through wall

Thieves have made off with jewellery worth around £14,500 from a Suffolk jewellers after reportedly chiselling through a brick wall.

Around two or three thieves broke into an area behind a neighbouring pet shop on Bevan Street in Lowestoft, before spending an hour chiselling through a solid brick wall to get into The Gold Mine Jewellers and Pawnbrokers, according to the East Anglian Times.

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Once inside the thieves smashed cabinets and display units, stealing trays of gold chains, charms and pendants. The thieves, who were masked, fled the store after a smoke deterrent was triggered.

During the raid, which took place at around 3am on Tuesday 5 July, a gold necklace with an amber pendant and a pearl necklace was taken.

Donald Gray, owner of the shop, East Anglian Times: “If the smoke screen hadn’t gone off, they’d have cleared me out.”

“It’s happened once, but it won’t happen again. I’m gutted. I can’t believe it, the whole thing took an hour but nobody heard them. We’ve been here for 13 years and we’ve never had any trouble before.”

Gray, who has no insurance on the business, has reportedly had to spend £2,500 on repairing smashed display units, install a new alarm sensor and board up the whole in the wall with steel.

Speaking to Jewellery Focus, a spokesperson for Suffolk Police confirmed the raid was being treated as a burglary and said enquiries are ongoing.

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