Holts Academy partners with Claire Adler for advice seminar at IJL

Holts Academy has announced it has partnered with writer and communications consultant, Claire Adler, for seminar at this year’s International Jewellery London (IJL).

The partnership will see Holts and Adler deliver a tailor-made version of her ‘Media Mindset Workshop’, which will be designed to show jewellers how to maximise trade, national and international press coverage for print, online, radio and TV.

Taking place between 2-4pm on Monday 5 September, the seminar will be practical and based around top tips and practical methods that jewellers can apply to their work to enhance their relationship with journalists and gain “competitive advantage”.

Gabriel Gherscovic, CEO of Holts, said: “We felt it essential to be a part of IJL 2016 as the academy evolves this year to provide more to the trade in training, recruitment and specialist services, as well as continuing to bring new talent to the industry.

“We are sponsoring the Industry Insights seminar theatre which promises to provide a font of inspiration and business advice.”

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