Cooksongold announced new managing director

Cooksongold has announced the appointment of Martin Bach as its new managing director.

Bach will be working alongside Richard Oldroyd until the end of the year, when Oldroyd will retire. Bach will then assume responsibility from 1 January 2017.

He joins the role with vast management experience in automotive and engineering businesses in the UK, France and the USA. Over the course of the coming months, he will have the support of Cooksongold’s established senior management team who will “help to ensure a smooth transition”, the firm said in a statement.

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Oldroyd told Jewellery Focus that he was a central figure in the recruitment process and that choosing someone from outside the jewellery industry did not mark a new direction for the firm, but it did mean significant experience of other business disciplines could be brought to bear.

Cooksongold’s business model has changed in recent years to include a heavy e-commerce element and several.

Bach will visit many customers and industry partners with either Oldroyd or sales director, Stuart Wibberley.

Oldroyd said: “I feel that under Martin’s leadership Cooksongold will continue to be a major contributor to the success and development of the UK precious metals, jewellery and industrial industry.”

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