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COMPANY Q&A: Gemmics

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Gemmics specialises in the professional design and production of ceramic jewels, drawing on the inspiration from China’s 5,000 years of ceramic culture. The company uses a unique technique of microcrystalline zirconium nano-technology to increase the strength of the ceramics to a level equal to diamonds, making this traditional fragile much easier to preserve. We sat down with the company to find out more

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When was Gemmics founded? 

Gemmics was founded in 2011.


What type of jewellery does the company sell?

Ceramic jewellery in nano-technology.

What are the inspirations behind the designs? 

The design is inspired by nature, culture and freedom.

Is the use of ceramics unique in the jewellery industry? 

Taking nano-technology into ceramics jewellery producing is a new process and new technique, which makes us unique in the industry.

You have six patented inventions, tell us about those. 


We are focus on using nanotechnology in producing fine jewellery. Those six patented inventions are on new materials, new processing, new coloring and multiple material components.

How has the product been received in the UK market so far?

Gemmics combines high-tech materials and traditional techniques renovation. 2016 is an important year to promote Gemmics, and we plan to enter the European market in 2017.

What are your ambitions for the UK market, how many retailers are you aiming for? 


We hope that more and more customers in the UK learn more about high-tech ceramic, which can bring a brand new life experience on environmental protection, innovation and culture, rather than a pure collection in art. Meanwhile, we would like to cooperate with more creative retailers in the European market.

Where do you see the company in, say, five years time? 

Getting more and more mature in high technology, Gemmics aims for high-tech ceramic application, in intelligent industry, fashion industry, culture industry and more, being the leader in the world.

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