Watchfinder opens Canary Wharf store

Pre-owned luxury watch retailer Watchfinder has opened a new store in Canary Wharf, London, following a £5m funding package from HSBC.

The funding is part of a larger investment in Watchfinder from HSBC, which aims to allow an “enhanced and increased range of luxury watch supply available to its online customers and stores across the UK”.

Watchfinder is also set to invest in its training programme as well as expand internationally through the launch of a US and Australian website.

Stuart Hennell, MD and co-founder of Watchfinder, said: “We have seen that there has been a recent flourish in demand for luxury watches and believe Watchfinder meets this demand with specialist, high-end watches in-store and online.

“We want to bring the art and craftsmanship of watchmaking back and preserve its heritage, which is why we are investing in specialist training for our apprentices.”

Matt Povey, HSBC’s relationship director for corporate banking in Kent, added: “Three years ago Watchfinder was a small online business with a team of just 40 people. The business now has specialist, niche retail stores across the UK, over 100 employees and is expanding internationally.”

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