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Catherine Jones boss receives Cambridge master’s degree

Vanessa Burkitt, MD of family jewellers Catherine Jones of Cambridge, has received a master’s degree from the University of Cambridge.

Burkitt, who was elected to the National Committee of the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) this week, studied modern languages for her undergraduate degree and was the first woman to be offered a place at Churchill College.

Burkitt said: “I was elated and astonished as well as immensely honoured. It was fantastic to be part of that huge social change. Now, no Cambridge College is all male and women have places in all aspects of the university.”

She added: “Receiving my MA from the university is a wonderful privilege. I was joined by friends from different parts of my life and my close family who travelled from far and wide to celebrate with me. It was quite a day.”

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Burkitt went on to work for the BBC. She then entered the jewellery industry to support her mother, Catherine Jones and now co-owns the business with her son.

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