Lark and Berry partners with Swedish bank Klarna

The new partnership is set to offer customers a new e-store shopping experience

Lark and Berry has announced its new partnership with Klarna Bank AB to provide customers a “flexible and alternative” e-store shopping experience.

The partnership will allow customers to shop from the safety of their own home by deciding at checkout to pay in three instalments on purchases of up to £1,000.

The maximum payment usable on Klarna is £1,000 and items bought online include a 14-day return offering.

Laura Chavez, Lark and Berry’s founder, said: “Since 2019, Klarna has handled over $35 billion in online sales, they’re a leading, trusted retail financial planning institution and a perfect match for Lark and Berry.

“Cultured jewellery is the only truly sustainable luxury jewellery on the planet, and Klarna payment options enable more fine jewellery fans to make the switch to cultured diamonds and stones pieces, which require no mining in their sourcing.”

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