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Matilde Jewellery debuts new collection for men

The brand’s collection is “effortlessly” wearable, designed to bring more environmentally-friendly fine jewellery alternatives its customers

Matilde has announced the debut of its latest offering, Matilde Mens Collection.

Matilde uses recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds to create elegant, timeless, and sustainable fine jewellery.

According to the brand, the range is made up of rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs and bracelets, all crafted from recycled 14k gold and studded with “earth-friendly” diamonds.

It revealed the collection focuses on “powerful”, classic forms and styles to “complement” sustainable values.

Matilde’s mission is to bring a sustainable alternative to the traditional jewellery industry without compromising on the quality of the product or the design.

The brand has said its new collection is “effortlessly” wearable and environmentally-friendly, with “sustainability, transparency, and fairness” at the core of the brand.

All packaging is biodegradable, composable and reusable, using only certified wood and local fabrication.

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