Nadja Swarovski to step down from company role

Swarovski is set to leave the family company to pursue a career change after 26 years in the business, while remaining involved with the Swarovski Foundation as chair emeritus.

The board of Swarovski International Holding AG and Nadja Swarovski jointly announced that she will step down from the company at the end of December 2021. 

Swarovski was a member of the company’s executive board and spearheaded the brand and sustainability strategy of the 126 year-old family business, as well as chairing the Swarovski Foundation that she established in 2013. 

She leaves to pursue a career change after 26 years in the family business, while remaining involved with the Swarovski Foundation as chair emeritus.  

Swarovski joined the company in 1995 and became the first female member of Swarovski’s executive board. She initiated a programme of collaboration between the jewellery brand and “leading figures” in fashion and jewellery, as well as supporting design talent through the Swarovski Collective initiative. 

Additionally, in 2007 she set up Atelier Swarovski, the company’s fashion, sustainably-crafted jewellery, accessories and home décor line with crystal craftsmanship. She oversaw the line’s implementation of created diamonds and fair-trade metals within its jewellery.

The line has had over 250 collaborations with “top” international designers in fashion and jewellery, including Christopher Kane, Victor and Rolf, Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld. 

Luisa D. Delgado, chair of the board of directors of Swarovski International, said: “It is with deep gratitude that we acknowledge Nadja’s indelible imprint on the business. Her contribution over the years has been decisive in bringing Swarovski to the forefront of the fashion industry.”

Markus Langes-Swarovski, member of the board of directors, added: “We are grateful for her continued involvement in the Swarovski Foundation, that is an important pillar of the sustainability commitment of the Swarovski business and family.”

Swarovski said: “I am deeply grateful for the experience of working in my family’s business and in particular very closely with my father, Helmut Swarovski, who taught me so much. My time at the Swarovski company has been the most rewarding journey.

“What started with creativity and design has culminated in human empowerment and sustainability, and using Swarovski’s platform to support the environment and the community has been the greatest privilege of my career.”

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