Lark and Berry debuts sister brand

All the pieces under Alondra contain 100% real, fine gemstones that are ethically created

Lark and Berry has announced the launch of Alondra, its new sister brand, in honour of International Women’s Day.

The first collection under Alondra is ‘Horizon’ which features Lark and Berry’s created diamonds, black spinel and 18K gold vermeil and silver.

All pieces in the Alondra brand are made with 18k Gold Vermeil and all stones are created rather than mined.

Lark and Berry said all the pieces under Alondra contain 100% real, fine gemstones which are ethically created, guaranteeing its pieces are “conflict-free” and “the most responsible stones”.

The company added that it wanted to find a way to design jewellery at the “lowest possible” price-point whilst maintaining standards for craftsmanship and design.

Lark and Berry said: “We created Alondra to offer the same beautiful jewellery with real diamonds and stones so that your piece can shine forever, all at a more accessible price point.”

Laura Chave, Lark and Berry founder, added: “The seeds of International Women’s Day come from so many different movements for rights for women historically, in so many different territories. So, I just think for Lark and Berry, a female-led brand and largely female-staffed, it’s an important day to remember and honour how this all came to be.

“It’s because of the importance of this day that we decided it was perfect for the launch of Alondra, our sister brand long in the making, which was conceived to give the biggest jewellery-loving audience yet the chance to support cultured diamonds and stones.”

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