Fake Pandora sites scam shoppers with 70% discount offers

Customers are being warned of a number of fake Pandora websites popping up which are claiming to give up to 70% discounts off the jewellery brand.

A ‘Pandora Scam Sites‘ Facebook page has been set up to alert others after shoppers complained that they were being scammed out of hundreds of pounds.

The page was set up by Kim Farrington who owns jewellery boutique, Kimsfancybits.

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According to The Sun, one shopper believed she was paying £235 for some charms, but instead, her payment details were used to take more money out of her account.

Another customer was charged £265 for charms that ended up being worth £235. When they tried to reach the seller for a refund, they could not make contact.

Farrington said: “I soon realised when browsing for genuine stock there were loads of sites out there offering great deals, easy to get drawn in. I tried to purchase some and when I got to checkout, the options it displayed to pay were not the options available. This then lead me to investigate further, I found hundreds of fake stores so decided to do something about it.

“It wasn’t long after setting the page up I was inundated with people who had been scammed. Since I set up I have helped a massive amount of people get their money back and secured their bank accounts. The scam sites, once they get your details online can and do take loads more money out.”

With regards to spotting a fake site, Farrington said:
If it looks too good to be true, it is
Always go to the ‘contact us’ bit. If there is no address and contact number to place your order it’s a scam; genuine retailers always have those details.
If you go to buy and the site displays PayPal as an option, you will find you actually can’t buy using Paypal and you have to put in your credit card as payment .

She added: “Facebook is the biggest problem as the fake sites can easily set up a page for free. Also, if they pay to run an advert it shows up in the Facebook feed so people think it is genuine because Facebook has recommended it.

“I manage this site on my own and now near Christmas I can spend hours just advising people and helping get their money back.”

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