Men from Liverpool ‘most generous’ jewellery gift-givers

Men from Liverpool are spend more on jewellery gifts than men in any other part of the UK, according to a new survey.

A poll of 28,000 customers of online jewellery marketplace Jewelstreet found that Liverpudlian lads spend an average of £330.20 on a jewellery gift.

Men from London came second spending an average of £304.35, with their counterparts in Blackburn rounding out the top three with £300 spent on jewellery gifts.

The 10 most generous male jewellery gift givers are:

  1. Liverpool £330.20
  2. London £304.35
  3. Blackburn £300.00
  4. Bristol £295.75
  5. Birmingham £259.33
  6. Bletchley £248.33
  7. Chelmsford £216.67
  8. St Helens £178.67
  9. Sheffield £175.00
  10. Reading £173.33

Kerrie Waters of JewelStreet said: “Understanding our customers is critical to our overall understanding of the designer jewellery market. It allows us to be ready with jewellery that is on trend and at the right price.

“With over 600 independent jewellers and 20,000 unique pieces of jewellery our male visitors were telling us the choice was too vast. That’s why we developed our interactive Men’s Gift Finder to make the gift purchasing experience much easier.

“The highlight for me is that 85.5% of women now love their partner’s choice of gift. Men are getting it right.”

The survey also revealed:

  • 37.5% of men would buy their partner a necklace as a Christmas gift
  • 39.1% of women would prefer a ring as a Christmas gift
  • 35% of men would choose silver as a Christmas gift
  • 37.6% of women would prefer diamonds as a Christmas gift
  • 17.5% of men would spend less than £60 on jewellery as a Christmas gift
  • 43.4% of women would expect their partner to spend less than £60 on a Christmas gift
  • 87.5% of men rated buying jewellery for their partner as a positive experience85.5% of women loved their partner’s choice of jewellery gift
  • 39.1% of women would return/swap a piece of jewellery not to their taste

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