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Hatton Garden jewellery raiders ordered to pay £27.5m

John Collins, Daniel Jones, Terry Perkins and Brian Reader were ordered to pay the fee at Woolwich Crown Court

The four men who led the Hatton Garden raid have been ordered to pay £27.5m or face another seven years in prison.

The gang drilled a hole in the wall of a vault at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit in Easter 2015. The raid was labelled as the “largest burglary in English legal history” and two thirds of the valuables still haven’t been recovered.

Christopher Kinch, the judge handling the case, said that the men “jointly benefitted from an estimated £13.69m worth of stolen cash, gold and gems”.

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He added: “A number of these defendants are not only of a certain age, but have in some cases serious health problems.

“But as a matter of principle and policy it is very difficult to endorse any approach that there is a particular treatment for someone who chooses to go out and commit offences at the advanced stage of their lives that some of these defendants were.

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