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Voice on the High Street: Cox and Power

What is the backstory of the company?

Thirty years ago we launched with the first collection in the UK to combine platinum and gold. Our focus was to bring the design, creation and presentation of our jewellery together in one place with equal emphasis on our workshop and retail space.

What place do you believe the company has in the industry?

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At a time when conditions are squeezing independent creative companies off the high street we fly the flag for individuality, fine design and craftsmanship on a small scale.

As co-founders of Fair Luxury, what changes do you want to see in the sector?

The real change will come when anyone buying jewellery or precious materials, throughout the supply chain, wants to know exactly where they came from and what was involved in the process, from mining to making.

How do you hope to make this happen?

Creating demand: until now the initiative has been with small scale jewellers but by whatever means it happens, a change in demand from the people buying jewellery will be the real trigger.

How do you keep abreast of changes in the industry?

Listening and watching everything around us. There are so many big influences affecting us all, beyond more than within the trade.

What is the secret to your success?

Still loving our craft, never losing our passion and looking afresh at what we do. We are very fortunate in having wonderful clients who share our values and appreciate our work.

What’s next for Cox and Power?

This year we’re making time to develop a few collection ideas we’ve had in our minds for a while.Like many designers, one of our biggest challenges is finding time to bring the ideas into reality.

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