Whose fault was it anyway?

Leonard Zell explains If a customer seems to show keen interest in a piece, then leaves the shop, and never returns, how do you decide whose fault it was, and how to make sure it does not happen again

  1. A young couple come into your shop looking for an engagement ring and after about 20 minutes the young man gets up and goes over to the watch counter
  2. Another couple were in and bought an engagement ring, but they never returned to buy their wedding rings
  3. A young lady comes in looking at engagement rings, but she never returns with her boyfriend
  4. A young man comes in to look at engagement rings, but never returns with his girlfriend
  5. A young couple comes in to look at engagement ring settings to set her grandmother’s diamond in but they never return
  6. A young couple comes in to look at engagement rings and he asks about the diamond grade. The sales assistant tells him the grade and takes the time to explain the 4Cs and about diamond grading, but they never return

Now you are probably wondering where I am going with this.

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