Alorsa January diamonds sales reaches $281.5m

Diamond mining firm Alrosa sold $281.5m (£218.4m) worth of rough and polished diamonds in January.

However, the group said during the month market activity was lower than usual, compared with December 2018 sales which were up 20% over the previous quarter and up 46% year-on-year.

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Yury Okoemov, Alorsa deputy CEO, said: “Sales in the diamond market are always cyclical, and apparently, we are seeing the expected correction after the peak values in previous periods.”

The group recently mined a unique rough diamond weighing almost 200 carats from its Udachnaya kimberlite pipe in January.

The gemstone, with weight of 191.46 carats, was extracted at processing plant N12 of the Udachny mining and processing division. The diamond is transparent, with a slight yellowish tinge. The Udachnaya pipe was discovered in 1955 and is among the largest primary diamond deposits both in Yakutia, Russia, and abroad.

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