Gemporia partners with Argyle Diamond mine for exclusive collection

Gemporia, a British TV jewellery channel, has partnered with Rio Tinto’s Australian diamond division to create a new collection of Argyle Diamond jewellery exclusively for Gems TV.

The collection will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from Gemporia and a record of the diamond’s Mark of Authenticity.

Gemporia said it “prides itself” on the traceability and provenance of all its gemstones, adding it’s something that is often only possible “through close relationships with mine owners”.

Gems TV’s hosts will be joined by Rio Tinto’s, sales and marketing director of Australian Diamonds, Vikram Merchant, for a weekend of live shows between 5 and 7 April.

Merchant said: “Today’s consumer wants to know where their jewellery comes from and the Australian Diamonds Programme celebrates Rio Tinto’s diamond heritage and pedigree from a clean, traceable source of diamonds.”

Gemporia’s founder and chairman, Steve Bennett, added: “We pride ourselves on implementing ethical practices throughout our daily trade – it is at the heart of what our brand stands for.

“We want to bring transparency and integrity, remove the mistrust, misinformation around the authenticity of diamonds. Our partnership with Rio Tinto’s Australian Diamonds establishes the true spirit of bringing diamonds straight from the mines to our customers.”

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