Nicholas Wylde announces plans for newly redesigned website

Independent jewellery retailer, Nicholas Wylde, has announced that his team are working towards the launch of a new website, as well as an “exclusive collection aimed at millennials”.

The jeweller, who specialises in unique and bespoke pieces, announced that his media team are gearing up for the launch of their new website. The redevelopment aims to make online shopping simpler for future clients. 

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Wylde also aims to launch an “exclusive collection aimed at millennials” in the coming year, with personalised pieces set to be a feature among the new collection.

Despite a “loyal client base and a proven track record”, the jeweller recognises his need to “move with the times”. 

Wylde said: “It’s not about doing one big thing. Changing with the times doesn’t have to be one big daunting challenge in which you aim to alter your entire business, it’s about doing lots of new little things, always keeping in mind the new generations and what their shopping habits will become.”

The recently renamed ‘Wylde Jewellers’ boutiques are situated in the heart of Bristol and Bath, where Wylde opened his first site in 1987. 

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