Jana Reindhart raises funds for orangutan charity

Jewellery brand Jana Reindhart has announced the launch of a new piece that aims to raise funds for Ovaid, a charity that works towards the protection of orangutans. 

The piece, which features a hand-carved miniature monkey pendant swinging from a fine chain, has now been released. From every purchase made, £20 will go towards the charity.

The pendant is described as “brilliantly life-like”, with an “animated, intelligent face”, tiny fingers and toes and an “exceptional” attention to detail.

According to the WWF there are only 100,000 Bornean orangutans left, and only 7,500  Sumatran orangutans in existence, making it a critically endangered species. Ovaid is dedicated to providing veterinary equipment and medicine, as well as sending vets to orangutan rescue groups and centres in Indonesia and Malaysia. 

The brand said: “The perfect gift for any conservationist or orangutan fan, this monkey necklace is available in sterling silver, yellow or rose gold vermeil. 

“We can also cast your orangutan in solid gold, in a variety of carats, if a real gold monkey necklace is what you’d really like.”

It added: “A statement piece to wear with pride, your orangutan necklace not only celebrates these super special animals, but also includes a donation to a charity that is helping to safeguard their future. It’s a win-win in the style stakes and the fight against extinction.”

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