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New membership organisation for valuers announced

A new and “fully independent” membership organisation for jewellery, watch and silver valuers has now launched.

The Jewellery Valuers Association will focus on the training and professional development of jewellery valuers, and promote its members to the general public, insurance industry, government departments and the legal profession.

Membership will be open to jewellery and watch valuers with appropriate qualifications, as well as non-valuing corporate, associate, student and retired members.

Frank Wood, chair of the Jewellery Valuers Association, said: “It is in the public’s interest that jewellery valuations are carried out to a high professional standard, but they are not necessarily aware of the difference between a good valuation and a poor one. 

“It’s up to us to make that distinction clear, so that they can fully rely on the document they commission for whatever purpose it may serve, but typically for insurance.”

He added: “An individual’s jewellery and watches are often their second or third most valuable asset and it’s a great responsibility to provide a valuation for it, that’s why it must be carried out by a fully trained, experienced professional with the appropriate knowledge, skills and instruments.”

“By creating an independent membership organisation, that final hurdle to professional acceptance has been cleared and our members can be considered in the same light as surveyors, accountants and solicitors.”

Shirley Mitchell, membership liaison, said: “We‘ve had a tremendous response from colleagues who recognise the benefits of belonging to an independent membership organisation run by valuers for valuers and the take-up of membership has been phenomenal.”

Julian Cousins, vice chair of the organisation, said: “Although public recognition is important, it is fellow professionals who recognise the need for training, CPD, qualifications and regular monitoring of our members work, and that’s why we’ll be pursuing these rigorous professional standards, supported by codes of ethics, good practice and, yes, disciplinary procedures too.”

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